Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apple picking !

I love apple picking! I think it is such a nice tradition that I intend to keep in our family. This year we went to the Stowe Farm in Millbury, MA. The farm is close to Jeremy's brother Matt and his fiancee Meg, so we just got to visit them and get those apples!

We had a great time running around, picking apples (sweating our A... off). As we got there thought, they said that because of the weather this year, the apples came quickly so very few apples were remaining on the trees. We still managed to bring home a big bag full of  fruit. For those whom did not want to try too hard like us (cause you know... we're tough like that) they had big bucket of apples to fill your bag with so nobody loses ;-)

Here are a few photos from our day below

^^He wanted to be with Dad the whole time^^

^^The girls^^

^^Where is Jeremy's backpack??^^

^^My munchkin and me^^

^^My boys^^

^^My nieces^^

^^ My niece R. Love her<3 p="">

^^"Mommy I all done! Now new one please!"^^

^^ It was such a hot day. Thank God we brought water!^^

^^ This boy seriously! so handsome!^^

^^ Don't judge this picture, I know it is not straight and all but there was so many people in there that it was kind of difficult to get a good shot without a hand or a head in front of it^^

^^Family photo! yay! it's so rare!^^

^^ FB profile pick!!^^

 The END !

Past year apple picking HERE

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