Sunday, October 7, 2012

A mandatory apple picking

We went to the Honey pot hill orchard. Because it is apple picking season and this is what we are going to do every year from now on.

I giggled on our way to the orchard, because this whole apple picking ritual seems silly when you think about the fact that there are piles of perfectly good apples just a few minutes down the road. But spending time with people you love, creating happy memories and  the action of grabbing the apple from the tree your self makes the whole experience ten times better than just going to the grocery store.

This little outing was exactly what we needed. We have been pretty wound up lately with Jeremy working so many hours and me worrying about meeting all the needs of my family {cooking, cleaning the house, appointments and trying to find a new apartment}. We found a way to detox a little... taking time out of our busy life to simply be together.


{my brother being silly}
{ummmm.... not really liking this one... lol}
{a little pose}

{family photo}
{my poor brother carrying everything. apples and diaper bag. lol}

{Mathieu trying to catch an ant with his thumb}
{those colors! Fall is here!}
{In the store}
{In the store}
{Apple cider donuts with cinnamon brown sugar}
{he is loving it!}

{no better changing table than the old car trunk right?}
{and.... the end!}

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