Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mathieu at this very moment

A little bit about Mathieu because his third birthday is just around the corner.

Mister Mathieu Loves violins. He especially loves to watch someone play the violin or any musical instrument for that matter. He will pretend playing the violin with crayons sometimes if his violin is not handy or he will make beatbox sounds with his mouth or play the drums on tables. He is so into music I cannot even explain it. 

He also loves the Mouse and the Motorcycle book. So we had to get him a toy motorcycle. Since that day I am happy to report that the cool red motorcycle is enjoying a prime spot in Mathieu's hand at bedtime, and that he and dinosaur have become fast friends. Ask Mathieu about it. He will tell you the whole story.

Mathieu loves to sing all kinds of songs. His favorite right now is a song from Daniel tiger the one that say "Clean up pick up put away! clean up everyday". and then sometimes when i try to join he'll say "no Maman! I sing!".

He all of a sudden became more adventurous with food, which, thanks God! Because I was pretty much convinced that he was going to be a rice and plain yogurt until he was forty, but for the past few days he has been discovering all kinds of things. It's really funny when he wants to try something and he pulls a face afterwards and says "hummm! yummy mommy!" with a big smile. 

Mathieu always says thank you and sorry. If he walks into me not paying attention or drops something on the floor he will quickly say, "sorry!". If another boy at the playground pushes him and  and the boy's mom asks him to apologize, Mathieu will usually apologize first. Because he is sweet. He's kind of a dream boat.

He has straight dark brown hair and funny toes that moves independently of each other like his daddy. He loves to answer the door and escort people out when we've got guests. and brushing his teeth. He hates having his hair washed (although we are doing better now). His favorite movies are cars 1&2 and every night he likes to ask me  "Maman fireworks?" and I respond "no mon amour not tonight! next year!"

I love being his Maman so much.

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