Thursday, September 11, 2014

July // part two

Off course there was a New York trip. I got to spend a couple of days with Margaux while Jeremy held down the fort at home. Let me tell you it was nice to be away from my babies for more than just a couple of hours.
I was extremely nervous though at the beginning because I was not sure how Clemence would feel about formula because I did not pump enough milk before leaving (me being super organized you know).  After a few tries she just went with it which just allowed me to relax and enjoy this little break. We WALKED so much! my step sister lives on the upper east side so we just walked from there to central park and midtown. 

Below are a few photos from this trip to NYC. 

View front my sister's apartment

A cute building that stood out from the other ones.

Ugh! so want one now!


There was a bunch of touristy stuff of course ;-)

View from the top of the Rock

Central park

Some time square action

It makes my head spin

Cute pink restaurant we had dinner at the night we arrived

The end! (That picture was for Mathieu he loves Taxi cabs)

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