Friday, August 8, 2014

July // Part one

Welcome! To the time in my life were everything feels completely surreal. This July was stupidly fun! I had my little sister over, beach days, shopping, a couple of days in NY and finished it up with my other little sister spending the month of August with us! Yoohoo!

I must have forgotten how much i need my sisters around. or my parents, or my brothers, or my cousins and aunts. I just need someone that has that funny weird french humor and love in them to remind me how everything inside me is suppose to work, and why I am the way I am.
If it makes sense, Having Margaux around has reminded me to take some things less seriously and others more seriously.

Below are a few photos from a day at the beach :

We played in the waves together, build damns and sand castles and went on a hunt to find cool looking rocks. The water was so shallow and warm from the low tide and I was so pride of Mathieu for wading in bravely past his belly as he played in it. We've come a long way since those bath time where getting his hair wet to wash it was a big battle ;-)

Ughhh... how much I would love to live on the beach all summer. I just can't get enough of this sweet ocean smell and now that Mathieu is liking it I have to try hard to make it to the beach more often this summer.

^^^ The best we could do. don't judge please. lol 

^^^ Time to destroy it!!! He did not understand why we were telling him to jump on it at first. He soon understood :-)

^^^Telling Baba all about those waves and rocks.

^^^ Look at this view!!! We are fortunate enough to have family friends who own a house on this private beach down the Cape. So we get to park our car at their house and have fun!

^^^ oh! and selfie of course! 

Until next time Beach!!! we'll be back SOON!


  1. Love the selfie, Clemence!! LOL

    So jealous of all your time at the beach! And I agree, having sisters (and family in general) around is so nice :)

    1. ahah! yes! it thought the selfie would be a nice addition :-). Miss you girl! can't wait for the bachelorette Partay! XO