Monday, October 8, 2012

4 Things last week

My love's crazy hair. Haha so cute and funny. Muah!
Last week was so great! Mathieu and I went to a baby play group {9 to 13 month old}, this 10 week program will allow him to get some meaningful interactions with other babies, play with other toys and hopefully make lots of friends. It is fun for me as well because I get to meet other moms and talk about BABIES! yes! talking about babies is pretty much what we do, but ugh! it feels good to know that some other moms or dads have the same questions/worries in mind.
Beautiful fall bouquet

Eat chocolate for a cause! Endangered species chocolate donates 10%  of net profits to charitable organizations supporting species and  habitat conservation efforts in harmony with humanity. Love it!

Made this cute crystal bracelet - To go with this necklace!

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