Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today I ...

Today i ...

... jumped on a bed with a two year old, a dinosaur, an owl and an elephant for twenty minutes and than pretended the animals were talking for the next hour (you know... with cool voice effects and stuff).

... read about 10 children's books in addition to reading the chugga chugga choo choo book at least 5 times.

... hit my foot on the kitchen chair and broke my pinky toe nail (Yeppp that sux)

Today i ...

... took the kids to the park and ate two grill cheese (because Mathieu said he wanted a grill cheese and when i placed his plate on the table he said "no maman... pasta!" great ...)

Today i ...

... scheduled an appointment to get my hair done. because my hair finally stopped falling from the postpartum hormonal change. (yay to that!)

Today i ...

... tried to put the babes down for a nap after lunch but they would not have it. so no quiet time for me and crying babies while cooking dinner is the result. man! i hate that!

and today i am just in a bad mood and left with a headache from the crying babies. So ... yes let's just live it at that.

luckily i know what always works to lift my spirit

there! a cute photo and some good relaxing music. that helps!

Oh and i love to use this site when i need to relax. i also have the app on my phone to use it on the go. let me know what you think!

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