Friday, May 30, 2014

Grocery run this week

hello everyone!

i've been meaning to share grocery runs or recipes videos but you know... with two kids and all it is just difficult sometimes to get the camera ready and the food ready at the same time.
sooo yes, i want to share with you what i got from whole foods this week. i think it is always good to know what other families buy just so we can get an idea on what to buy and maybe try something we might not have otherwise.

so here is how we work over here. i usually go grocery shopping once a week (weekends usually). i try to alternate whole foods and trader joes week by week. sometimes though i might run low on veggies or fruits so i would need to go for a quick grocery run.

as far as budget goes, we usually try to spend less than $160 a week. i am not sure what is the right amount for a family of 4... sometimes i just think it is too much but at the same time i want to make sure we eat the right thing. i wish we had a backyard so we could plant our own organic veggies and we could save money that way too. but for now we are stuck with over priced whole foods.
i always think about this sentence" what you put into your mouth is more important to your health than most can possibly realize" from the Food Matters movie. it is sooo true! when you eat right you feel right.

now i don't want to be overboard either. i want my children to try delicious things like pastries and cookies and chocolate! once in a while it is ok. anyways... i am going onto another topic which i will leave to another post.

i hope you enjoy the video! xo!

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