Thursday, May 15, 2014

Taking stock

Photo credit to Cristina from Wanderlust Wandermust
Hello everyone! so i have seen this "taking stock" post on a few blog now  (i think it originated at Pip's meet me at mike's blog) and though it would be fun for me to write one as well! so let's get started!

Making : water paintings with Mathieu
Cooking : with lots of veggies
Drinking : young coconut smoothies yum!
Reading : one more thing  by B.J Novak
Wanting :  to keep my closet organized. this thing just never stays neat. (how do you guys do it?)
Looking : at my babies growing. they amaze and teach me everyday.
Playing : thomas was alone on the PS3
Wasting : nothing
Sewing : nothing
Wishing : we had a backyard so we could spend more time outside when the weather is nice
Enjoying : actual conversations with Mathieu
Waiting : for my sister's to stay with us this summer
Liking : waking up to Clemence's big smile in the morning (we co-sleep)
Wondering : how heaven will be
Loving : Clemence's sweet milk breath
Hoping : I am doing everything right. it is so difficult not to compare isn't it ?
Marveling : at those blossoming trees!
Needing : a pool or a private beach... that's all you know
Smelling : ugh ... the sub shop downstairs ...
Wearing : PJ's
Following : a few blogs on Raw food recipes and lifestyle
Noticing : my body getting more strength
Knowing : that god is real
Thinking : about all the things i have to do tomorrow and to not forget to buy what i need to make homemade coconut marshmallow.
Feeling : tired and loved
Pinterest pining : recipes
Opening : a new bottle of organic shampoo! yay! i love trying new natural and organic beauty products
Giggling : when Mathieu and i play with rubber balloons. i blow them and let the air rush out which makes them fly everywhere with a fart-y noise. Mathieu laughs at this for hours! ahah
Feeling : happy

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