Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day

Hello beautiful! i hope everyone had a nice weekend. the weather in Boston was amazing - a true summer's day. mother's day was really fun i woke up to a nice red roses bouquet on the bed as well as an amazing breakfast (Jeremy's famous Brioche french toasts). we then spent most of our day outdoor. we live close to the fells reservation so we have lots of fun hiking trails around.

i cannot believe how much i love being a mother. i believe i am a better person since they were born. they changed me in a good way and i am so thankful for that. In fact i feel so much more connected with myself and this world. i also see so many things in a different light. yes sometimes they drive me crazy and i just want to go hide under my blanket with headphones on and lay there with my eyes closed for a few hours. just so i can be just me. but those moments never last long. one little smile from my babies and i am right back at it!

Happy mother's day!

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