Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raw week // one

Hi everyone! Happy thursday!
For the first time last week i went 100% raw for 7 days straight. it is something i wanted to try for quite a while now. It was not easy for the first two days but after that, it was almost like second nature. The key is to stay creative with the food you eat. luckily you can get lot's of great recipes ideas from blogs like The Rawtarian, Raw food recipes  and youtube chanels like fully raw Kristina. Bellow are few photos of some meals during this raw week (if you follow me on instagram you probably already saw them).

I really love this lifestyle for it's numerous health benefits but also for it's purity and simplicity. I also managed to loose two and a half pounds in 7 days eating lots of fruits, vegetable and nuts and not feeling hungry.Even though i tried this diet for my wellbeing it was nice to loose some of the extra baby weight left. So if you need to loose weight you should try it out as well! it might work out for you!

 I am hoping to get a raw week in once a month. and maybe will go fully raw one day... who knows... maybe when the kids are off to college or when i won't have to cook for someone. Because yes it is tough to eat just a salad when your toddler eat's Mac and cheese i have to admit that!

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