Friday, March 28, 2014

Life with two kids

Mathieu and Clémence are interacting so much lately! it is the most adorable thing ever. Mathieu has a bunch of tricks to make Clémence laugh. One of them he says " car goes faaast!" and runs around her and Clémence will crack up with her throaty laugh. They also took their first bath together last week. Their growing relationship is so so sweet to see and it makes my heart want to burst.

i cannot believe Clémence is 4+ months now. Time flies!

Also on the less glamorous side. i have been loosing my hair for two months now. it is due to the dropping estrogen. level in my body. Did you guys loose your hair too after having a baby? ugh! my hair was still glossy and full a few weeks ago.

But now i look like this

Anyways, i have a question for parents of two. when does things get easier? when do you get back on your feet and see those under eyes bags go away?

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