Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mathieu's first Birthday party

The decorations on the ceiling {blue balloons and clouds}
It was such a wonderful day. Jeremy and I kept marveling at how much fun the party was and how thankful we are to be surrounded by our wonderful family and friends. Mathieu may not remember all the special things we did to  celebrate his first year of life but it is a day that Jeremy and I will remember forever. I understand now that there is nothing greater that we could have ever wished to call ourselves but mommy and daddy.

Love you so so much Mathieu you are our world. Happy first birthday!
Close up of the party flag banner
Handmade clouds made by Jeremy - I added the little sparkling snowflake like banner
The party banner around the kitchen
Cute wicker basket with the balloons - I wanted to place Mathieu in it and take a picture but let just says that he did not agree at all! So I used it to put the presents instead.
The cake! I found the recipe here
Mathieu and his best friend Audrey playing 
They are so cute together, I love them!
Balloons! His favorite! 
The girls and birthday boy.
Little family pic
Left over cake the next day

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