Sunday, February 16, 2014

Over the weekend

Hello beautiful!

i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day whether you are in a relationship or not. to me this day is about celebrating Love even though we should practice and share Love everyday. it just a reason to go the extra mile.
it should not be about buying each other gifts but more about doing something special for each other like bake a cake ;-) or send a nice card at your lover's work :-) (did both) or give a nice massage. you know. Anyways, what i want to say is "make that day count without emptying your wallet".

below are few photos from this weekend. we had two free tickets to the Boston Loves Impressionism exhibition at the MFA. the public got to vote each week for their favorite art works from a themed group of paintings for a special impressionist exhibition. Fun! So hey! we braved the cold and made it out!

Mathieu's favorite dish with heart shaped carrots (he did not care lol)

Mathieu's favorite gallery at the MFA " the musical instruments". i am so sad i forgot to take a photo of the old violin's and cellos which are his favorites.

persian instrument. Mathieu know all of them my dad would have been so proud!

Clemence was sleeping the whole time we were there but Mathieu had a blast. He was looking at each painting with interest and talked about it.

Personal favorite

and Mathieu's favorite

love him!

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