Monday, July 23, 2012

Over Protective or not ?

I can't help laughing at this video because I know I would be this type of mom if I did not have this voice inside me, reminding me to be reasonable.

Finding the right balance between supervision and freedom is a challenge, and with M. crawling all over the place it is great to start practicing. I want to make sure he gets enough space to explore on his own and not be afraid of being independent. I believe it is never to early to start good habits. Every single detail counts towards nurturing your child's Intelligence, Creativity and Healthy Emotions.

I have been constantly behind M. to make sure he is not going to get hurt with all the "trying to stand on his own or moving from side to side holding on to the couch or the table" all that is scary !!! So I do let him fall on his little bum {with a pillow under of course} sometimes and let him be upset a little because he wants me to pick him up while I do the dishes. Ahhhh it is so hard !!!

That being said ! I am right with you Capri Sun Mom !